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Join us? Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk. Mark Steel. Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul. Chuka Ummuna. Shappi Khorsandi. Gina Miller. Our view. Sign the petition. Spread the word. Steve Coogan. Rugby Union. Motor racing. As a family we looked over our options with the number of miles we had to work with. I didn't have enough to get a Kitchenaid mixer but I did have enough for a Breville one. Family decision was to get the Breville as my boys felt I deserved it.

Once it got here I switched the miles all over to cash.

How to buy 1 million air miles for $6,500

Our local grocery store takes Air Miles now so I can collect a good amount and redeem for groceries to help our budget out. It may not have been the greatest use for those miles but it worked for us I have a bathroom scale that I got more than a decade ago with some of my very first PC points. I still use it to this day and really like it. Nothing wrong with getting merchandise if that's what works best for you.

Air Miles Cash is nice too because you can get a discount on everyday essentials instead of less tangible rewards. I share a lot of the frustration with other posters here. I've been a Gold Collector for a number of years, so I had a lot of miles expiring, but getting flights has always been a real pain, so I decided to try buying something from their shop. Not only was most of what they were offering not something I was interested in, I found that the items would often drop off the list with no warning. This happened to me four times, but I was able to finally find something I wanted.

The fortunate part was that the item was about the same cost in the stores as it was in the Airmiles shop, and it was an item that really doesn't go on sale.

Dream Rewards

This, however, doesn't make me feel any better since I would rather not be forced to buy an item when I'm not ready for it. Glad you finally found something half-decent Don. I hope they bring back some of the old rewards they used to offer. Honestly, I think Air Miles Cash is probably the better option for most people going forward even though the value can be lower. We have 12, airmiles on the expiration list. They were earmarked for a special vacation four years, which was cancelled for medical reasons.

Airmiles says re-book the trip, and if we have to cancel again , the five-year clock will simply start again. However I'm afraid they'll simply say, no, they're gone because you cancelled due to a pre-existing condition. How and where do we most effectively lodge a complaint with Airmiles? Well, you could lodge a complaint through the Better Business Bureau. This is their listing I think:. I'd also call customer service and ask them how you can lodge a formal complaint. If they officially told you that you could rebook the trip and your miles wouldn't expire that way, I'd get that in writing if you can.

Once my miles are gone, I intend to melt my cards in the fire and send the charred remains to the company as an expression of my opinion. I've had about miles forever, and have never been able to accumulate many more because I've found that the stores where they are offered tend not to be very competitive with prices. These two facts may be related! In years past I've been able to use some miles on attractions with the family. I don't think they were the best value, but we enjoyed ourselves with the thought that essentially these attractions didn't cost us anything and we did go to places we would not otherwise have spent the money on, so it was a nice little bonus.

None of these attractions are offered now, so this option is gone. I'll probably try to get a few hotel nights, but I'm sure many of the miles will expire unused, a nice little gift to the company. Haha - I love the idea of sending the charred remains of the card to them - really sends a message: My wife and I also collected more than miles for many years for a so called dream card trip , as soon as we can rid ourselves of this garbage we also will melt down these useless cards. A complete waste ,never again.

Does anyone know how seat selection works when you use your miles to get concert tickets? I just used 1, miles on 2 tickets to John Fogerty concert. It said they would be in Section or , but even after checkout, it doesn't indicate whether the seats are already chosen. Or do I have to wait until the reward arrives and then book the seats? I ordered them about an hour ago and still haven't received a confirmation email or anything. I just cashed in about 19, miles on flights to Costa Rica which took me about 15 or 20 years to save.

Much the same is true for cash rewards. That works out to a 0. Long story short, Airmiles equate to around a half of a percent back on every dollar you spend not including free points and other bonuses. You're better off looking for the best price to begin with and forgetting the Airmiles. I totally agree that then return on spend with Air Miles is generally quite low. I only collect them myself when there are big bonuses or I'm shopping somewhere anyway and they happen to give Air Miles.

Pat, hopefully you havent booked a car with airmiles. I have just booked a car for 2 weeks with points. Using points for car rentals is recommended by this site. I now find that purchasing this insurance is going to cost almost the same as the car rental. So now the points I took 7 years to save up have been completely wasted. We all need to gather on social media and get them to reverse their decision. Strength in numbers. Well, thats ridiculous.

We have had 5 years to redeem our air miles. So we procrastinators have no right to complain, and the company has no obligation to change anything. Its not procrastinating, its not wanting to cash in your points until youve saved enough for your dream vacation, that youve been eyeballing ever since the beginning of airmiles and have tailored your shopping around for freaking YEARS!

And for some of us, who have crap healthcare wages, it will literally take a decade to save enough, and now we are forced to cash them in for some stupid Espresso machine that we never wanted at all, because otherwise the last 8 years of collecting will all be for NOTHING! To top it all off, now everybody did that, they have now reversed their decision, and now everyone is now stuck with these stupid Espresso makers that they never wanted, and have completel;y lost everything they saved for all these years.

I think they did it on purpose, to trick everyone to cash in for gifts that are a way less value, and I even got an email from them BRAGGING that they have just had a record year for rewards redeemed!!! My grammer gets messy when Im this annoyed, my apologies!! Hi, I have air miles I've been accumulating forever. Now I need to know what to spend them on. Was wishing there was a way to convert them to Aeroplan or use them to purchase status or something. Any suggestions? Other than what I've mentioned above Steve, there isn't really much to choose from. I guess I'd look at events and attractions and merchandise to see if anything is good value for you.

Hi Steve, any luck with using your miles. Did you find anything? I just redeemed some dream miles for a Dyson V8 Absolute. I just got burned for miles! Once I have used up all of my Dream Miles, I will be switching to other reward programs and go out of my way not to shop at Airmiles retailers. I cannot stand being ripped off! I will go back to mom and pop retail stores and support them rather than big corporate giants that rip you off. Ditto, we are shopping for the best cash back cards right now, thinking maybe the Costo cash back or a Scotia Visa cash back I have been a member since and always hated air miles, but I used it if there was a great promotion at one of the stores.

I always thought we could change our preference to cash or dream miles, so recently I switched to cash and assumed I would be able to get gift cards etc for my expirying points, not so!!! When you switch your preference,the points don't switch, you just start accumulating the new points in the new account!! I just found out that the dream points can only be used for overly expensive items on their website. I guess it's not a big deal since I only have a total of 3, points, are expiry!! I mentioned to their customer service that I find this is the worst card ever!!

With my credit card company in 4 years I've already received for free 2 flights to Vegas, 2 flights to Chicago, 2 flights to Edmonton and one flight to California. I'm sure there's more but my husband usually does it. With this card you book your flight, last minute deals etc, wherever you want, and you let them know and they send you the money from your balance!! That's not spending a lot of money to get them, it's just knowing how to use the promotions with sales and coupons!!

I agree with everyone something should be done and we should all go on Facebook and start venting our frustration there!! December 31, 0 March 31, 0 June 30, 0 I need to find out what would be the best option for me to use part of the expirying airmiles, all of the expirying airmiles or all of the dream rewards. I am not interested in merchandise or travels.

What is my best option. Thanks in advance. Most of the options are listed above in the article. That shouldn't be a problem mae. They debit the miles as soon as you book the trip so you can book into the future just fine. Each time that I looked there were many flights available for that weekend. Then the next time, a day later, I looked there were no longer any flights available for that weekend. Yet, there were flights available for every day around that weekend and for weekends before and after that date. How could all those flights for the weekend that I wanted disappear so quickly?

There weren't even any one way flights available for any day that weekend. Understand Richards frustration, I have had the same problem. Not as the saying goes you have to "seize the moments", if you see the flights book it otherwise it will be far.. I experienced this phenomenon before as well. I think some flight reservation systems use an activity gauge to price flights - so if a particular flight sees a lot of activity but not necessarily bookings they will raise the price.

Air Miles likely has restrictions on the maximum they will pay for a flight, so if all the activity bumped the price up too high it likely got dropped from their system. Usually if you wait a few days, the price will drop down again if the activity returns to normal and not a lot of people are booking. NO, I think they are blocking people and I think it is random. I sat along with my sister in law for three hours with us both trying to book a flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia Boston Mass. She was using her airmiles account and I was using mine.

We both had similar Airmiles points withing , her at 13, and me at 14, I was at my desktop and she had her Ipad. With her account she could see 14 flights for the dates requested, for me on my account ZERO. Tried this for three hours same results, with us even switching Ipad and Desktop I even tried numerous other flight locations across Canada and the USA and could only access one flight We tried the same routine the next day for two hours with the same results, and finally gave up with zero success. So in my opinion they are not only doing bait and switch with the merchandise but with all rewards in general.

I really think it is about time the Government or the Law stepped in to end this fraudulent program Air Miles is a total joke.

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It took a week of constant calling to even get someone on the phone. And he informed me that he was just "the call back person' to the 'cal back person'. Basically meaning I was hooped and wouldn't be abe to talk to anyone in travel for a month. And he was incredibly rude.

Such a joke. There has been a class action lawsuit filed against them now out of Alberta I hear. I misunderstood also about the cash miles. All our miles were in Dream, so I switched a percentage hoping to use up expiring miles.

Otherwise grand thieft Will occure and i dont like it. There is no way to directly convert. Possibly through Points. As someone else pointed out, we WERE told this was coming. Part of the reason was that I too noticed that trying to save up for a merchandise reward didn't work because there was no guarantee it would still be there when you got the miles; and the reward offerings that interested me most were disappearing.

For most of us, these miles cost us nothing. Unless you paid for an airmiles credit card or you paid extra to buy specific things because they earned you airmiles, you are not out of pocket.

So cash 'em in for whatever catches your eye and chalk it up to a fun time while it lasted. Can I get anything for dream miles? I find the website soooo confusing. I tried a car rental but the dates aren't available. I've been in number 5 in line on the chat forever. What a sham! I can't even find the merchandise calague that states the number of airmiles only. I don't want to use air miles and cash for something l don 't even need at this time.

Please help. I have 22, which will be expiring. You can be certain I will destroy my card and stop shopping at stores with Air Miles rewards. Options are certainly quite limited these days. If they don't can the 5 year expiry policy all together, I sure hope they make an effort to increase the availability of awards and provide better options. Shouldn't they be like Gift Cards. On October 1, , the Consumer Protection Act banned expiry dates and most fees on gift cards bought after that date to make sure you get their full value, regardless of when you use them. It would be nice if points were treated like cash - but most of the terms and conditions for points programs state that they have no cash value.

There is unfortunately no guarantee when it comes to points. The only thing preventing companies from taking them away or completely changing them for the worse is the backlash they will get from consumers and the media along with a hit to their reputation.

Any other brand probably would have caved by now. Air Miles is now a joke. I have over 10, air miles and just checked out kind of merchandise I can purchase. The pickings are pretty slim.

How can you earn Air Miles?

Weyman, thank you for this insightful report. The CPM breakdown confirms my personal take on those various numbers. That's called a Win-Win, yes? Oh and btw, only found your article by trying to find evidence of what my wife claims to have heard on the media about the expiry plan having been scrapped. From what I found, AM is sticking tough and sticking it to everybody and obviously my wife misunderstood the radio report. For a moment, life still had meaning but seems all hopes are again dashed.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for the kind words. Love the idea you are doing with the Lawn Mower - great way to get some cash back out of the program. Air Miles Card was exciting as I built up the airmiles.

5 Best Ways To Redeem Your Air Miles

Then the change of Cash and Dream came about with no information whatsoever as I do not recollect receiving any intimation nor a call. Now I have over airmiles and they are all Dream. This will save me the fee I pay and opted for to get the points. Yes, You, the Loyalty program is a joke and a Scam. You hurt people and take for granted that you can do whatever you can. You are liable for the shift and change in policy.

You have to get our value for the money we spent. You need to sit down and reflect what you are doing or about to do. I am not going to use you no matter what. Amex has lost a valued client. I hope they can wake up and prevail upon you to make good the loyalty promise. Please do not think that you can escape. This is your end. Small gains for a big disaster. That is what awaits you.

I have over 38, airmiles, and nearly of them are expiring. The thing that burns me is that apparently the rewards site will only display the types of rewards according to your reward level. As I have been less active in the past couple of years, I am now back down to normal blue level. None of the high end items that are even remotely worthwhile are showing up due to the blue level. This is a ridiculous issue and I hope they smarten up and learn from Aeroplan and decide not to expire. I have been a collector since when it started.

Where do I go to redeem my airmiles that are going to expire Dec. We will not be travelling so will buy something with airmiles. You just create an account on airmiles. Just pick your reward and they will mail directly to you. Every year for the last 4 years, I have saved and used my air miles for car rentals , this year the air miles required to book a car , same type, time and location has TRIPLED in air miles cost.

So I don't know how you rate the CPM for rentals as good. Learn More. Get Rewarded From once-in-a-lifetime experiences to everyday perks, here are all the ways to do more and get more as a Collector. Cash Rewards Think everyday! See Rewards. In-store Cash Rewards In-store purchases at participating Reward Partner locations for gas, groceries and more. See Partners. See eRewards. See all Cash Rewards. Dream Rewards Go big! Travel Book flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages and more.

View travel. View merchandise. Deal of the Week Don't miss out. Get select merchandise rewards for less!