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A lot like Braid. The puzzles start out really simple, but by world 4 or so you're creating places that stop existing as soon as you create them. It's superb if you can wrap your head around the mechanics. Return of the Obra Dinn: Not a lot like the other games, but still makes you feel like a freaky mad genius. I've played all of the games you've listed and I enjoy the ones that I'm recommending below. The Room games are escape-room style puzzlers.

Some solutions are easy and others are very out-of-the-box. Very pretty graphically and atmospheric. I enjoyed Room 1 and Room 2 but haven't played The Room 3. Samorost 3 and Machinarium, by Czech studio Amanita games, are super atmospheric, beautifully hand drawn point and click puzzlers. These games take you to other worlds. Into the Breach and FTL are more strategy than puzzle, but nonetheless have similar elements and are extremely good games. Relatively cheap and have been GOTY's for many. I would argue into the Breach is a puzzle game disguised as a turn-based strategy.

There's always an optical set of moves to make and the AI changes its moves based on what you have so you always have an "out. Hopefully not too late, but I really enjoyed Turing Test. Felt very much like portal with a unique twist. Loved story and gameplay. It doesn't really go on sale, but Stephen's Sausage Roll is very very good.

I usually love puzzle games but hated this one. Not because it's a bad game, but because it was just too damn difficult. Only recommended if you have a LOT of patience. I thought Recursed was pretty decent, but like Sausage Roll you were recommended earlier it can border on frustrating. I got it last week and I've had a blast.

Such a great game and my only regret is not buying it sooner. Upgraded my rig and I feel like I have too many games to play. Odyssey, Forza, Insurgency, MH: W, etc. I had it but I refunded it. I was a fun good game I love turn based games with lots of loot. I would def try again maybe I just had one of those days I actually didn't have much trouble with questing or finding the clues, but I like to explore in games.

One problem is the movement speed makes exploration just annoying especially with the size of the maps. The worst experience for me was the combat. If you abuse game mechanics the combat gets a bit easy but tedious but if you just play straight up the combat is overly difficult and just annoying at points. I could never really just enjoy the combat. It lacks that feeling and pace that makes Neverwinter or Baldur's Gate combat so fun. Dude I'm not downvoting you. I bought it and played 30 hours and hated almost all of them. Spent way too long on the little island where you begin the game; combat was punishing me and I was in a weird cycle of "avoid enemies because I can't survive them, cant survive next enemies because I'm not leveling up.

I changed difficulty to easy mode and that made it a LOT better for a bit, allowed me to escape that area at least. But I just didn't love the game and probably won't ever finish it. There's a buttload of mods on the workshop, and some of the ones made for the classic version have been converted for the enhanced version by users too, in case you find a mod you like that isn't compatible. I recently started playing Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare. Are there any other good modern games where you can play as those toy army men soldiers? I know Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has a mode, but it seems to be temporary.

You can usually find a server with a few people in it. Their Discord server is also helpful for finding matches and the developers are active there. Thanks for all the suggestions! I picked a couple of the titles and added even more to my wish list! I liked Dust: An Elysian Tail.

It's not new though. Yoku's Island Express [Win] - Metroidvania meets pinball. Use flippers to move your adorable character around the bright world. Ori and the Blind Forest [Win] - Minimalist storytelling, beautiful soundtrack and visual design. Tight gameplay. A Robot Named Fight! Gameplay physics and combat feel like Super Metroid.

Rogue Legacy, perhaps. It's older than Dead Cells but a lot of people prefer it. I was addicted until I beat all the bosses and then new game plus was too hard so I quit. But it was definitely a fun grind. Any recommendations for someone that enjoys grinding for gear and playing games that have skills? Assassins Creed Odyssey has both of those, if by skills you mean leveling up and unlocking a skill tree. I have over hours sunk in already and it's praised as being leader in its genre by many if not most. Division, sort of. Heavy grinding of spongy enemies and moderate skill tree system, however the next title releases this year, I think Q1, and I got burned out after 40 hours, even with all the DLC.

Is this game rather simple to pick up on? Prison Architect does have a fair amount of logic behind it as in you need to know what you're doing and it'll take some time to get to that point. Don't make the same mistake I did. Coming from Rimworld, PA feels like it has almost no content. Super focused on one aspect that almost is entirely included in Rimworld alone.

Personally, I couldn't enjoy it. Prison Architect got pretty boring for me after around 8 hours of total play. You eventually just "get it", and then there's not a lot going on after that. It's not a game you can keep playing any enjoying. That's my experience, anyway. Prison Architect is quite a different game to Rimworld despite the very similar graphics. It is a great game too though. Best to play the story missions first as these act as a tutorial and will help you learn how to build and run a prison.

Slay the Spire is Trust me and buy it.

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No reviews needed for that much badassery. I loathe cardy-type games in general, but screw it, I'll take a chance on it. I can refund it if it doesn't click with me. This is actually a problem I've been having with understanding this game. It seems like everyone loves it and is saying similar without actually explaining what the appeal is.

When I look at the trailer or read about it, all I see is the type of game I played on sites like Kongregate a decade ago. For me the best part of it is the design and balance in both the cards and enemies which minimises the game feeling 'cheap'. There's obviously an element of this in STS, but you quickly realise what the average run needs for each character - not necessarily cards but more knowing you'll need some element of crowd control, defence, etc.

I think that's why to some extent it's hard to discuss. Since what feels good about STS is to some degree hard to quantify. Playing it just 'feels' good in comparison to similar games. Best way to understand it imo is to download Hearthstone and play one of the dungeon runs. If you enjoy that mode, you'll enjoy Slay the Spire. That's actually how I discovered the game. In a nut shell: Your success is based on very simple, but often far reaching decisions. Most decisions are fun to make because you have multiple good options to choose from.

You go from level to level battling enemies in a classic RPG fashion think Final Fantasy , but instead of choosing skills you choose cards from your hand. The cards in your hand are picked from a deck you're slowly building combat rewards, events, etc. Almost every reward presents you with a choice. So decisions you made at the beginning of the dungeon really have an impact all the way through. It's not an easy game. You can make a lot of decisions that will fuck you up later. And it takes a fair bit of strategy to make the right decisions all the time. But mostly, the game is great at offering you a few excellent options to choose from.

I've lost most of my games to simple greed! But you gotta take chances to be the best. The game has rogelite elements in the form of unlocking cards or relics at the end of a run. Though I'd say you can probably easily complete runs with basic cards if you understand the game well and make good decisions. So this isn't a cheap roguelite that requires you to fail times before you can succeed. But you could have all of that and still have a mediocre game. The game just flows. It's all of the above coming together in an amazingly well designed, easy to use and fun to look at product.

Yes, but you do unlock new cards and things as you go well, until you unlock them all, at least , so it has a little bit of that Rogue Legacy-style progression if that sways you. Yes, but not in an annoying way at all so you're actually looking forward to the next run most of the time. Each full run is quite short maybe an hour, or two if you're very analytical, so going back to the "beginning" is not really that much of a penalty. Really, you're supposed to lose sometimes. It's not a competitive game about building the perfect deck and winning every time, it's about going as far as you can with the deck you get.

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Not every run will be winnable, sometimes the deck itself is your enemy. Scratches the same "one more turn" itch that Diablo 2 and Civ 5 did so well. I also can't imagine how a card based rogue like would play. Is StS for me? I hate card based games but slay the spire is a great game to kill some time with especially with a podcast or show on the background. I think I have close to hours on steam with it.

Have already sunk over 8 hours over the past couple days a lot of time for me and just beat my first daily! Yeah I was surprised it completely lived up to the hype.

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Totally addicting game, and I'm somebody who usually isn't big on card games and usually hates roguelikes. Just got my first victory after 15 runs and it was a rush! It can be difficult, you don't win every game but doing so feels rewarding. And if you think it becomes easier with time Beating the first three is already quite a challenge. Do you know how soon after the winter sales, or rather is it after the Steam winter sale or Humble winter sale? I've got some Humble store credit I would like to use, hopefully the price won't rise until after the Humble sale.

Well, Slay the Spire release date is on the 23rd, so hopefully the price won't increase until then. Generally, games rise in price when they are officially released or leave early access , so I'm pretty sure the release date will be when the price increases. Picked up Slay the Spire a few days ago, the game scratches an itch I didn't know I had. Never been into card games or anything though I do like rouge-lites. This game has taken up far more of my time the last few days than any adult should allow. I picked up Streets of Rogue a while back too, it's a fun game for a quick play maybe 20 min?

I've only tried the multiplayer once but it seems like it'd be fun with a buddy on voice chat. I recommend Streets of Rogue. Streets of Rogue has all that. Looking at deep rock galactic or the division for me and my family. Not sure what is more fun for 3 people and one of them a 9yr old girl. She said deep rock looks fun but I think she might dig the sneaking and team work of the division more. Any opinions?

None of us enjoyed it. Wife was the digger. I was the gunner and kid was engineer and nope. Just walking around a cave for an hour not finding anything and running out of bullets. We wanted to dig it. Refunded all 3. Thanks for the advice though. Definitely no sneaking in The Division if that changes your mind.

I've played both, I think there's definitely more teamwork involved with deep rock, but the game can get tough. You should be fine with three peeps and lower difficulty. I didnt think the division was that fun, just a super basic cover shooter with loot. Deep rock galactic is great fun and will be more enjoyable for the younger players than the division.

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Its also still consistently coming out with new content and changes, unlike the division which seems to be on life support until the division 2 comes out. The division is a little too dark for a 9 year old to be honest. It is a great game and worth buying, but I would not let a 9 year old play it. There are for example points where you are fighting "Firefighters" who are lighting people on fire.

For the king is definitely the best game for three people imo. It's a roguelike RPG with voxel graphics and has really good combat and looting. Warhammer Vermintide 2 is a fantastic co op game! Same gameplay as Left 4 Dead but in a fantasy setting. But Rainbow Six Siege is definitely the game that my friends and I have put the most hours into the last 2 years. Not even close. Definitely the best shooter on the market at the moment. If you like strategy games or if you've ever wanted to nuke your friends, Civilization VI. If you want to enslave your friends or turn them into a hivemind, get Stellaris.

Iterested in borderlands the pre sequel. Played borderlands 2, loved it. I would buy the handsome collection. But i heard some bad things about it. Any help? Pre-Sequel is weird. By pretty much every metric it should be a better game than BL2 but it just The combat is better, it came out after 2 so you'd think they'd have refined some stuff, the story shows promise, but ultimately it just feels like it was made by the B team.

The writing has its moments but rarely reaches the heights of BL2, the level design can be frustrating, and the environment isn't as varied. I played the whole game to completion and found it reasonably enjoyable, just not as memorable as BL2. If you're looking for more Borderlands, give it a shot, just don't expect it to be quite as good as Borderlands 2.

The australian THQ studio made it, correct me if I'm wrong. I have played hundreds of hours of BL1 and 2 both solo and co-op, and for some reason Pre-Sequel just didn't keep me engaged. I tried to pick it back up several times in the few years since owning it but only played for a few hours before setting it down again. It's mechanically more of the same except in low gravity with an oxygen stat to worry about. Jumping super high might seem fun, but when everything is the definition of floaty it's not worth it.

Worrying about oxygen levels just adds another annoyance at best and stress at worst - ways to refill are generally plentiful, but there's nothing that feels good about the mechanic. You can shoot out enemy helmets to deplete their health, but it's the same benefit as elemental effects that already exist. I much preferred the tone and atmosphere of Borderlands over 2; it just got way too goofy and self-aware, whereas the first one seemed to be going for serious-but-tilted. I appreciate the player characters and the fact that I can be gay with Janey Springs, but when it comes to story there's not much that stands out.

I don't care about Handsome Jack, we know what happens to him and Hyperion and Pandora, and personally I don't care for the story this one leads up to anyway. That's not to say the Pre-Sequel is a bad game, but I got much more value out of replaying the other two games.

I don't see any improvements, and what they do with the foundation isn't super compelling. I'd say buy it if you want more of the same Borderlands 2 but this time in low gravity. Combat is the same as ever, arguably more build potential, playable characters have more participation in the plot, gravity mobility is really fun, and a second playthrough has new dialogue. Usually not my type of game but after all the hype I hear from it and it being so cheap Also can I get an honest opinion on Nioh coming from a Souls player?

I really like the tone of Nioh but heard mixed feelings on the combat. Thinking of giving it a shot. Undertale is great! Hope you enjoy. I'd just recommend to go in with as little info as possible and try to clear your expectations, it's best experienced blind. It's definitely the best one of the not-fromsoft-souls-games. Also it's really damn hard, even if you're good at souls, so if that's your thing you'd probably enjoy it. I like it, but some people really really don't.

The combat is great though, has a lot of depth and the game really challenges you on using it well. And I really needed something to scratch that Soulsbourne itch without replaying the series for the hundredth time and hearing that Nioh game gets harder than Souls sounds exciting. I don't have much time to game these days, but can always find 5 minutes for a game of Shellshock Live.. Sniper Elite 4 and Hitman 2, are they both really good? Sniper Elite 4 is easily the best of the series.

The levels are larger than before, and feel much more like a 'sandbox' than previous games. Hitman 2 is basically the same as Hitman from last year, which is good because they're both excellent games. The levels in 2 are much more consistent, and as always, there are a zillion ways to complete your objectives. I'm pretty new to PC gaming and want a more deathmatchy style shooter than what I understand R6: Siege and CS GO to be, any suggestions?

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I wondered why people would ever play something like this, so I watched a playthrough video on Youtube. Found myself watching through two hours of it before I snapped back to reality. I still wouldn't play it, but could understand why people find enjoyment out of it. Nah there's separate teams working on each game. And they're working on around 3 ets expansions at the same time right now. Very similar.

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My understanding is it's a mediocre game packed full of all of the worst business practices of an Asian phone game. Loot boxes and microtransacions galore that increase your power. Even worse, the company had recently shut down and restarted the RU servers, deleting all of their progress because they couldn't be arsed to maintain it. Be warned, Pearl Abyss' scumbag nature goes deeper than awful microtransactions. It has the best combat of any MMO by a huge margin. But sadly it's insanely grindy and has a truly terrible cash shop.

I had fun getting to max level Looks great and I like the combat but just, no. If you do care about that stuff, it's an extreme grind and very bad microtransactions. It may be that they don't do this anymore, but people who own the game used to have free trial codes they could give out to others. We do however allow and encourage the use of charity affiliates, which have been vetted and are listed in the sidebar. For more information on affiliate links, please see our Wiki page on the subject.

There's two main reasons why we disallow buying, selling, and trading in the comments. The first is that we don't want to see the comments section turn into a marketplace. Right now we have a lot of great conversation on which games are worth it, which are skippable, and where better deals may be found. That gets quickly overtaken by "selling X for Y", and a lot of that conversation gets drowned out. The other reason is simply that we don't have a trust system in place. You can see how many successful trades people have done, and who is and isn't trustworthy.

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